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Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Information, and Examples to Help You Find Treasure:
Gold, Silver, Gems & Jewelry!!!

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Diving for Treasure in a Haunted Lake - Underwater Metal Detecting for Gold and Silver (Preview)

Hookah diving for lost treasure in a haunted lake where strange paranormal phenomena occur. We will be using our homemade treasure hunting boat and our underwater metal detectors including a Minelab Excalibur II as well as our Tesoro Tiger Shark. Strange mysteries abound on this lake including eight drownings, one fatal boating accident, and one suicide that is tied to this lake. We'll learn about all of them through old newspaper clippings and other informative content. Underwater treasure hunting for coins, jewelry, and lots of old bottles as this was a place of high activity during bootlegging and prohibition. Featuring treasure hunting underwater using a metal detector as well as high-tech instruments like sonar, underwater drones, and underwater cameras. Fascinating stories and insight into each find. Learn about the curse that was cast upon this lake and why it just could be real. Join us as we search underwater for real treasures using our home-built treasure hunting boat with a built-in hookah diving system, high-tech electronics, and a water heater. What secrets will we uncover? What legends will we reveal? What mysteries will we solve? What treasures will we find? This is not Quill Lake or Lake Lanier by the way. Multiple episodes will keep you entertained for months to come. Join us in our quest for sunken treasure. You don't want to miss this one! (Coming this spring/summer 2022) (Catch the Fever) Treasure Fever!

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