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I was honored to be referenced by Vicki Priebe in her new book Cheap Gold and Silver as an educational resource on learning the true value of precious metals. Vicki has thoroughly grasped the fundamental differences between our fiat currency and the role precious metals will play in all of our futures. We are just getting started on the greatest wealth transfer in history, buckle in for the ride!  Remember, 'If you can't hold it - you don't own it!' -

Mike Maloney author of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, CEO of

"Cheap Gold and Silver" Book's Comment by Mike Maloney

Cheap Gold and Silver

How to Find Amazing Deals on Gold and Silver

A Bargain Hunter's Guide to Saving and Making Money with Gold and Silver Objects, like Jewelry.

Cheap Gold and Silver How to Find Amazing Deals on Gold and Silver Book Picture

(© Jan 2012)

$9.99 eBook or $14.99 paperback

Which of these do you want?

- to have extra money to pay your bills?

- to invest in precious metals for less than the current spot price?

- to find spectacular gifts for your loved ones at ridiculously low prices?

- to have lots of beautiful head turning jewelry to wear?

- to have extra money to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of?

- to protect yourself or your family’s finances in the event of a serious crisis?

- to know more about buying and selling precious metals? So you don’t get ripped off.

- to know how you are missing deals on precious metals in plain sight?

- to make your own decisions and be your own boss?


If you have a want or a need associated with any of the questions mentioned above, then this book might be the answer for you. Imagine your excitement, when you notice a beautiful thick gold colored necklace lying on a table at an estate sale. You quickly pick it up. It is heavy enough and looks like real gold. However, the only mark on it doesn’t indicate gold. So you put it down. Luckily you read this book and remember the lesson on unusual marks, and quickly pick it up again. Jackpot! You bought an 18 K gold necklace for $2, worth $246 for the gold content value. That’s a $244 profit or savings in less then 5 minutes. Would this put a big smile on your face? It put a big smile on my face, since this is one of my true stories. Here's the picture of the actual necklace (picture 53 in the book). If you want to make money, save money, or invest in precious metals (gold, silver and platinum), then keep reading.

18K gold necklace picture from book Cheap Gold and Silver available on Amazon

18 K Gold Necklace bought from a yard sale for $2, worth over $246 for the gold content.

Make money, save money and invest in precious metals:

Just like the hit TV shows “American Pickers”, “Antiques Roadshow”, “Pawn Stars”, “Storage Wars”, “Gold Rush”, and “Bering Sea Gold”, you never know what you’ll encounter on your journey. The unknown is part of the fun, the thrill of the hunt. It is exciting and exhilarating to think of the endless opportunities flooding your way. Opportunity does knock, but you have to open the door.

Is it really possible to make money by finding gold and silver in your spare time? The answer is yes. If I sold all the items I purchased, I would average $24 - $73 per hour. Just try finding another part time job that pays that well and is full of fun, excitement and the chance to be your own boss. After reading this book, you’ll be able to snap up those deals and make money from gold, silver and platinum in ways you never imagined. I’ve been doing this and now it is your turn. I want you to capitalize on the opportunities all around you, and trust me they’re out there. When you do, I would love to see the pictures and hear your stories.

Gold Buyer check picture from the book Cheap Gold and Silver available on Amazon.

Picture of my check ($1,472.50) for selling my scrap gold to a gold buying business. Please note the gray boxes are covering the company's sensitive financial information.

In addition to making money, I wanted to invest in precious metals without affecting my family’s budget. I couldn’t imagine taking $1,600 from my monthly income to buy one gold coin, but I could take two bucks to buy gold jewelry. Does this sound familiar; do you have the same thoughts? If you want to invest in precious metals, take this educational journey with me and reap your rewards.

Capitalizing on these amazing deals not only allows me to make money and invest in precious metals, but I’m able to save money when buying gifts for my family, friends and myself. If I spend $2 on a gold necklace and pendant that retails for $100, I saved myself $98. Now that is the smart way to keep up with the Joneses. I don’t have to go out and spend $100 in order to wear an expensive necklace and pendant. Or if I give that necklace and pendant away as a gift, no one will ever know that I only spent $2 on the present. Everyone will think I spent $100. What a savings! Reading this book can save you a substantial amount of money on gifts for you and your loved ones.

This book gives you the knowledge to find silver and gold for prices you never thought possible. You will watch others walk right past the moneymaker/money saver, but you will know to buy it. This is exactly what I witnessed with this sterling silver necklace (picture 59 in the book). This has happened several times and I prove it in the book with the actual stories and pictures. You’ll find this book an invaluable reference for years to come.

Sterling silver choker picture from the book Cheap Gold and Silver available on Amazon.

I watched several people pass up this sterling silver necklace at a garage sale.

Whether you want to make extra money, invest in precious metals, give unforgettable gifts, or wear amazing jewelry anything is possible using the tricks, tips and techniques covered in this book, so get ready to learn; I didn’t hold anything back.


Secrets revealed:


This book also reveals secrets the precious metal hunting insiders don’t want exposed; in fact, they may even write negative comments about it in an attempt to prevent you from buying it and applying its content. In this way, they hope this kind of valuable information won’t spread and their secret source of treasure won’t dry up. However, there is no need for them, or even you, to feel threatened. This is because not everyone will demonstrate your kind of intelligence and buy this book, so the secret won’t get out to everyone.

Filled with killer (not filler) content, including:

- ideas on where to search (offline and online) for precious metals,

- stories to provide proof, entertainment, and illustrate the lesson being taught,

- tips on finding the gold and silver that others miss,

- techniques on how to find the precious metals,

- hallmarks and hidden marks to look for,

- how to get the best price for your items,

- how to sell your gold and silver,

- warnings to help protect you and your money,

- how to test your precious metals,

- scrapping electronics or E-waste as it is called,

- 88 pictures,

- and lots more information (packed on a print equivalent of over 205 pages).

This book will pay for itself many times over:

- IF YOU SAVE $100 buying a gift (like a gold ring) for a family member, or

- IF YOU MAKE a profit of $75 selling a precious metal item, or

- IF YOU SAVE $40 investing in a few ounces of sterling silver,


by using just one piece of information contained in this book, then the book has paid for itself many times over. You didn’t lose a dime and all the additional information is free to use repeatedly to make money, save money and acquire precious metals forever. How can you go wrong with a deal like that? What an opportunity! With the current high spot prices of precious metals, these profits and savings are easy. Just one necklace, one pendant, or two pieces of flatware can be worth these types of savings and profits, easily.

Picture of Gold and Silver jewelry with cash picture.

Here's a picture of the possibilities that could be waiting for you.

The price of the book is not risky; not buying this book is the real risk. Let me explain. After all, I buy these items from misinformed people all the time. They believe these items are junk. They don’t know that the price of gold is expected to climb even higher and silver prices are expected to triple. Don’t make the mistake of letting someone else make a profit off items (like a ring) you could find. I buy silver rings for 25 cents (a quarter) all the time. They have retail values around $20 or more. That’s a nice profit/savings, simply because I know what I’m doing. That is why not buying this book and reading it is the real risk.  

Be sure to check out our Blog for actual stories and pictures.

Based on your earning/savings potential, the book could be priced over $100 and it would still be a fabulous deal. However, I truly want you to prosper and use my knowledge to help yourself and your family during these tough economic times or any other time for that matter. If this book helps you pay a utility bill, a doctor bill, or just allows you to have a little fun at the movies with your kids, then the book has done its job. If you go out and make lots of money, then the book has really done its job for you.

No, I’m not promising thousands of dollars in 10 minutes, but it is possible. It has happened to me. Once I paid $5 for a gold whale pendant that retails for around $2,000. You can read more about this find in the Whale of a Tale section in Chapter 4. Imagine finding a ten-pound bar of solid silver at a yard sale mistakenly identified as an old lead doorstop. In less than one minute, your life could change for the better.

Gold and diamond whale pendant picture from Book Cheap Gold and Silver available on Amazon.

Gold Whale Pendant bought at a yard sale for $5, retails for $2,000.

Do you need more information before you buy the book? Well here you go. You may ask what knowledge you can use to identify precious metal items hidden in plain sight. Here’s an example, in the United States we are all familiar with the standard purity marks placed on our manufactured items indicating fineness, such as .925 or 14 K. Have you ever considered the purity marks used on items manufactured in other countries? After all America is a melting pot, so it is possible to find precious metal items manufactured in Great Britain, Russia and other countries for sale in the United States. Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the marks used for items made in other countries too. I cover this topic and many more in detail throughout the book.


Where to use the book’s information:

Are you wondering where you can use the information discussed in this book? While some information is meant to be used at a certain location, such as eBay, most of it can be used anywhere precious metal objects are found. This includes, but is not limited to garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, pawnshops, flea markets, auctions, storage unit auctions, estate sales, Craigslist, and your own jewelry box. With this book’s help, you’ll find opportunities all around you. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city, a rural area or if you prefer to use online or offline locations, the information contained in this book applies to it all.

Now that you’ve found some precious metal pieces, what are the next steps to take? Don’t worry I cover that in the book too. You aren’t left hanging out there on your own.

Don’t get ripped off:

We have all seen the fancy television commercials, flashy Internet ads and highly polished business signs advertising the cash for gold companies. Because of the high current spot price of gold and silver coupled with a bad economy, these businesses are popping up like gophers out of holes both online and offline. While most of them are legitimate, others are no more than snake oil salesmen; predators who can’t wait for their next misinformed victim to pounce on. They spend their days lounging on their manatee munching cigar boats just dreaming up scams. Learn how not to be one of these predator’s misinformed victims.

Then, there are the gold buying parties. This is where a gold buying company’s representative gives a person 10% of the total haul to host a gold party for their friends. There are a few issues to be careful of with these events. First, cheap wine is usually involved, which may cloud your judgment. Second, you might feel peer pressure from your friends to sell your gold at a ridiculously low price, when you really don’t want to. Finally, note how they measure the gold. Do they measure in pennyweight and pay by the gram? If they do it this way, it works in favor of the buyer, not you! Learn how to tell if you are getting a good offer before attending the party.

And let’s not forget about the traveling gold buyers or hotel gold buyers (as they are sometimes called). They roll into town with big advertising campaigns offering top dollar for your gold and silver. However, they usually pay out 25 cents on the dollar and sometimes even less. Remember their bottom line is to make money on your gold and silver. Performing some simple math tells us they have to pay for the show’s advertising costs, their hotel room, transportation, the show’s rental space, while walking away with a nice profit. How do you think they are able to do this? The answer is simple. They buy your precious metal item at a low price; then they turn around and sell it to a refinery for a higher price. Learn how to keep the profit in your pocket and not theirs.

In addition, when buying precious metals keep in mind the old adage, buyer beware. Crooks can easily counterfeit coins and jewelry as well as use sneaky little tricks like inserting the words “replica” or “50 mills” somewhere in their online listings. Also, there is an epidemic of fake coins and bullion (manufactured in China) sweeping into the marketplace. These fake pieces look so real they are even fooling the professionals. This is expected to become a billion dollar industry within the next few years. Don’t let them get a red cent of your hard-earned money.

Remember a little education can go a long way. And with the education you receive in this book, you will learn how to avoid most pitfalls and downright dirty scams. You’ll also learn how to test, weigh and accurately calculate the true value of your precious metals. This way you will know how much your item is worth before you sell it and you won’t be ripped off.

Acid testing gold jewelry purity picture from book Cheap Gold and Silver available on Amazon.

Acid test conducted on four pieces of gold jewelry to determine the purity.

Do You Know?

  • Gold and silver have been a safe haven for finances for over 5,000 years. Despite economic ups and downs, gold and silver have always retained value and throughout history have remained desirable commodities.

  • In 1971, President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, which resulted in a fiat money system. Therefore, the fiat currency is backed by nothing except the promise of the Federal Government. Do you trust your finances to unsecured promises?  

  • Silver is actually rarer than gold. That’s right. Most of the gold ever mined is still in circulation in the form of jewelry, gold bars and coins. While silver is consumed in mass quantities for electronics, medical supplies, CD’s, DVD’s, mirrors and a host of other goods. It is one of the most reflective, thermal and conductive element on the earth. Analysts say that 95% of the silver ever mined is permanently gone and in landfills. Furthermore, the experts believe there is only a 3-month silver supply above ground. Maybe 1 in 10,000 people actually know this fact. Some experts predict silver to pass gold in value because of its dwindling supply. As of right now, there are 1.5 billion Chinese consumers waiting on a new cell phone and computer. How much silver is that going to use up? Think about it.

  • The gold spot prices and silver spot prices are considered high as of right now. However, because of the current global economic meltdown and a dwindling supply some experts predict prices to explode. Gold could reach over $2,500 a troy ounce between the years 2012 and 2015.

An Amazing Opportunity:

Experts believe this is one of the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind. Due to shrinking inventories of gold and silver coupled with the deterioration of the world financial system, the potential for the greatest gains in purchasing power is here and now in precious metals. And as luck would have it, you found this book and you’re on your way to making money, saving money and acquiring precious metals at amazingly low prices.

Order your copy of “Cheap Gold and Silver” today!


Like most opportunities, it is not going to last forever. You need to pounce on those extraordinary deals – now, before someone else does. This book will teach you the lessons and give you the confidence to be successful on your quest for cheap gold and silver.


The very best of luck to you!

Vicki Priebe author of Cheap Gold and Silver signature picture

Vicki Priebe

$9.99 eBook or $14.99 paperback

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Meet the Author of "Cheap Gold and Silver" - Vicki Priebe

Cheap Gold and Silver Book Reviews

"I was honored to be referenced by Vicki Priebe in her new book Cheap Gold and Silver as an educational resource on learning the true value of precious metals. Vicki has thoroughly grasped the fundamental differences between our fiat currency and the role precious metals will play in all of our futures. We are just getting started on the greatest wealth transfer in history, buckle in for the ride!  Remember, 'If you can't hold it - you don't own it!'" - Mike Maloney author of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, CEO of

So much value in this simply written book

I have to be honest I have been a yard sale fanatic for years but like the author of this book I mostly concentrated on large ticket items I could sell at a profit on an auction site, or even my own garage sales. But this woman has really charmed me with her wealth of knowledge about jewelry and metals. Just some of the tips I learned concerned the astute use of a magnet (not what you think), the LOA connection (I sooo believe in this) and the "other than jewelry" idea. I am not going to give anything away but you can be assured that I will be looking at for a few extra items when I go to my next garage sale tomorrow :)

This author knows what she is talking about and I loved her personal stories among the gems of information that are passed along. Shame I am not in US or I would be hunting her out to see if she wants to come to yard sales with me - highly recommended. - Lisa Oliver author of Garage Sales 101: Turning Trash to Cash

Vicki, let me congratulate you on your quest to share your passion, experience, and success in this book.  “Cheap Gold and Silver” is the best guide I have seen for developing the knowledge, skill set, and mindset for finding deals on precious metals.  It is a MUST read for all passionate bargain hunters!  - DAVE REBRO,


Excellent reference book

When I purchased this book, I had already been involved in precious metals. So, when I received it, I was not expecting anything new. I was pleasantly suprised to learn how to make intelligent searches on the internet, and several other great tips. Highly recommend this book, especially the abundant feeling this book projects. - Delta (Amazon review on November 4, 2012)


Useful and Insightful!

I'm not someone who actively goes out and looks for gold and silver items, but was glad to have read this book. I learned so much about the value of my own jewelry, that I know I'll take the knowledge and will use it repeatedly in the future. - Lucia (Amazon review on August 22, 2012)

This is working for me.

OMG! What a book! I never thought finding gold and silver was so easy. I've witnessed a major gold mining operation with my own eyes. My goodness. I couldn't believe all the equipment being used. There were dump trucks the size of small planets, enormous shakers, humongous drills and massive other pieces of machinery that I have no idea of their names or purpose. I'll never forget the earth shaking explosions, from the blasting powder, with dirt and debris being hurled into the air. I've tried recreational gold panning myself. It was fun and rewarding. Rewarding in the fact that I was outdoors, not that I was finding very much gold. Truth is, all the gold I ever found wouldn't buy enough gasoline to fill my car even once. It was a lot of backbreaking tedious labor, but it was fun. The author of this book has taught me other ways of finding more silver, gold and precious stones than I ever imagined. I took this book on a very recent Carribean cruise for something to read at night. While I was reading it, I was enroute to the Virgin Islands and I begin to think. Jewlery sales outside the US is very big business. I've been to many port cities and every one is jammed with jewlery stores. Literally hundreds of them. Those of you who've had this experience can relate to what I'm saying. I bought my wife's engagement ring on one of these trips years ago. After reading parts of this book, I decided to be a looker this time and not a buyer. As I wondered around these cities, I kept looking and thinking about all the millions and millions of dollars in treasure that lay within the walls of these shops. I was thinking about the behemouth mining operation I has seen years eariler. The ship that I was on had over 4,300 passengers and there were 6 ships in one port at the same time. I was on a 7 day cruise and these ships make these trips all year long. Over and over and over again. I thought,"all of this treasure has to wind up somewhere", and it does. Safe deposit boxes, jewlery boxes, fingers, wrists, etc. The author of this book tells where another percentage of this treasure winds up, and then tells you how to look for it. I've only had 2 weekends to try her methods, and in this short time it has worked so well, that I've bought Black Hills Gold earings, a .925 silver necklace (40.9 grams), a .925 silver bracelet, several silver charms and many other items at some ridiculousily low prices. In all fairness though, I must tell that I did pay $100.00 for a 1/2 karat (solitaire) diamond marquise cut ring, set in 14k white gold. I was able to use 2 techniques detailed by the author to determine that the diamond was genuine. I could go on and on raving about my finds, but you don't want to hear of my success. Read the book and have your own stories to tell. I really can't wait for the weekends now because I'm using her methods to save for another cruise. - Fred (Amazon review on March 22, 2012).


Great read, excited me on possibilities.

Wow! I never imagined gold and silver were still crazy affordable. Based on the book's examples the title definitely fits; talk about cheap gold and silver. Who can't afford two quarters for a silver ring? It is refreshing to find an author that doesn't offer a get rich scheme. The book is filled with practical advice that certainly is useful during these trying economic times. I know I don't have $500 to spend on a gold bracelet. Now spending $2 - I can afford that price.

It is very well written and easy to follow. It definitely kept my attention the whole book. The author provides a lot of practical instruction and examples from her own experience that is clear and useful. I liked the conversational style, which includes the author's personal asides, experiences and jokes. The use of images illustrating the points throughout is excellent.

I was skeptical at first but now, I am so excited to go get some awesome bling for my kids and myself. My teenage daughter even wants to read the book. She actually asked me if we could go look for some bling. I see quality mother-daughter time in our future.

I'm thrilled I bought the book; it is a true treasure in itself - a real bargain under ten bucks. It's my lucky day. - Sunshineface (Amazon review on January 31, 2012).

All I can say if you want to make money ...

All I can say if you want to make money at your own pace, all the information is in this book. - Paul (Amazon review on December 13, 2014).

Review of cheap gold and silver

This book is a powerhouse of information on anything related to obtaining cheap silver and gold for the hobbyist, entrepreneur, or business people alike. The sniping section was very useful for a guy like me who is 15 yrs behind everyone on my computer skills, gotta lot of catching up to do! - Kevin (Amazon review on March 30, 2013).

Excellent information, very informative

The information in this book is more precious than silver and gold because without the right knowledge you can't determine what is treasure and what is trash. - Richard (Amazon review on April 30, 2013).

Meet Author
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