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Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Information, and Examples to Help You Find Treasure:
Gold, Silver, Gems & Jewelry!!!

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About Us

Our New Company Name is Treasure Fever.

Our Old Company Names were IFind Treasure, and Arctic Slayer.  IFind Treasure and Arctic Slayer have become our new company, Treasure Fever.  Let me explain a little further how this came about.

When we first started out, our company's name was Arctic Slayer. We quickly learned this was too hard for people to spell correctly. It really didn't reflect what our company was about. So we changed our business' name to IFind Treasure. Again, this name didn't seem to reflect who we are or what we are about, so the company's name changed to Treasure Fever. Like Goldilocks and the three bears, this fits us just right.

We will still be offering our metal detecting video "Diggin It" that was produced under Arctic Slayer, once it has been remastered.

We still offer our book "Cheap Gold and Silver" that was published under IFind Treasure (IFind Entertainment), so the name will still be on the book.

Through our many company names, our passion for treasure hunting and sharing it with anyone that is interested has not changed. We will continue sharing our treasure hunting experience with our fans.


Please excuse us as we are busy rebranding IFind Treasure to Treasure Fever completely, so you will still see some of our stuff with the IFind Treasure logo and company name. Our social media accounts have this issue as well, but we are working hard to get this all straightened out as Treasure Fever. Here's our new Treasure Fever logo.



Thank you for your patience and understanding with this business renaming issue. We also thank you for your interest and loyalty over the years.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,

~Vicki and Brian Priebe

Author of "Cheap Gold and Silver", and the star of "Diggin It"

Treasure Fever Pirate Parrot Logo
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