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Change the Color of Silver Objects

Here are two really cool YouTube videos by NurdRage; I think you will enjoy watching them. I really enjoyed them. Who knows if you practice with this silver coloring technique, it might work on some of your jewelry finds. That would really make a boring chain or bracelet even prettier. I suggest testing it on some silver object you don’t mind ruining, just in case something goes wrong. I wouldn’t do it on a prized piece of silver until I’ve mastered it.

Not to fear: the NurdRage genius also made a video for undoing the silver color process, in case you need to redo it. It is the bottom video on this page.

Let me know what you think about the videos. Also, if you do this to any of your jewelry, we’d LOVE to see pictures, so be sure to share them with us.

We include the actual YouTube link to these videos, so you can read the WARNINGS & INSTRUCTIONS yourself. I strongly suggest you read these if you are going to try this BEFORE attempting it. That’s why I included the link below each video.

Now, back to the videos. Enjoy!

Make Silver Different Colors by Anodizing

Here is the actual link to the video on YouTube:

Cool Science: Restore Silver with Electrochemistry

Here is the actual link to the video on YouTube:

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,

~Vicki Priebe

Author of "Cheap Gold and Silver"


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