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Diamond Engagement Ring Success Story from a Reader

Oh Goody! The success stories are really starting to come in. I’m so happy for my readers; I’m going to burst with excitement.

One of my readers, just bought a diamond ring, 1/2 carat marquise cut in a 14 K white gold setting. It was bought from an older woman at a flea market.

Half Carat Diamond Ring - Reader's Success Story.  From the Treasure Fever Blog.

Half Carat Diamond Ring - Reader's Success Story

Here’s the background story: She was selling the diamond ring for her son. It turns out the girl broke off the engagement and he wanted a little money back from the ring. Plus he wanted the ring out of his life, so there wasn’t that constant reminder of what could have been.

There was a little card asking $150 for the ring. When our reader stopped to look at the ring, the older woman said she wanted to get $125 for it. She lowered the price $25 dollars just for looking at the ring! I told you sellers do this.

Our reader said they were going to walk around and think about it. Our reader went back and offered $100 for the ring, because that is what they were comfortable paying for it. They used some of the tips I shared in the book to help decided on the diamond’s authenticity. The older woman took the money for the ring.

The diamond was tested and confirmed at a jewelry store later on that week. Our reader now has a beautiful diamond ring. Remember, that setting is 14 K gold and gold is valuable, so our reader could remove the stone, turn it into a diamond pendant and sell the gold ring setting. Since gold is so valuable, I bet that gold is worth way more than the $100 alone. It is like getting the diamond for FREE! Or our reader could sell the entire diamond ring for more money than was paid. Our reader has the time to be patient and sell the ring for a profit. There are many options to consider, so keep your eyes open. This was definitely a great success story.

As I mentioned in my book, there are people going through breakups and/or divorces all the time. And they usually want to sell their rings fast and cheap to get away from the reminder. This story from our reader supports that very fact.

What a marvelous success story! Our reader got a gold diamond ring and the man got rid of the ring and acquired some money in the process. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to buy a 1/2 carat diamond ring for $100 set in 14 K GOLD. Go on price them in a jewelry story, that is a definite OUCH price tag! I like the $100 price tag a lot better.

I’m so proud of these success stories! I know my book is touching people’s lives. What a wonderful feeling.

Let me know what success you’ve had with my book. I’m anxious to write your story on my blog…you could be next.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,


Author, “Cheap Gold and Silver


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