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Gold Angel Charm

Here’s a complete story sent in by one of our readers.

He found a gold angel charm at a yard sale. It was mixed in with some costume jewelry inside a plastic sandwich bag. He opened the bag and took out each piece to get a better look. At the bottom of the bag was the little gold angel charm.

Although there was no mark, our reader felt it was real gold, so he asked for a price. The seller said, “I don’t know, how about a dollar or 50 cents?” (I love it when sellers automatically lower their price in mid sentence.) Our reader handed her the two quarters and departed for the next yard sale.

14 K Gold Angel Charm purchased at a yard sale for fifty cents by a reader of "Cheap Gold and Silver".  From the Treasure Fever Blog.

14 K Gold Angel Charm purchased at a yard sale for fifty cents by a reader of "Cheap Gold and Silver".

I promised you a complete story, so here it is. Our reader tested the little angel and it turned out to be 14 K gold. It weighed 0.5 grams. His instincts paid off. He listed it online and sold it for $15.50 plus shipping and handling. Which would be a $14 profit (minus the fifty cent buy price and the selling fees). This is a good profit for this little charm. Congratulations to our reader! That is the perfect way to capitalize on cheap precious metals prices.

If he sold it as scrap he would have received about $11 bucks melt value for it. Selling it as a retail item made him a few extra dollars. In addition, it made someone very happy to receive that cute little gold charm for a great price.

When you experience success, please send it in to us, so we can share it with everyone (providing encouragement to others, so they can do this too). I just love reading and sharing your stories. Keep them coming.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,

~Vicki Priebe Author of “Cheap Gold and Silver


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