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Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Information, and Examples to Help You Find Treasure:
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Men’s Sterling Silver Bracelet Story

Here’s a story that was submitted by one of our reader’s that is putting the book’s (Cheap Gold and Silver) tips to use. Our reader searched eBay for the misspelling of the word silver. Sure enough, there was a vintage men’s sterling silver bracelet. There was already one bid on it, so our reader used another trick (manual sniping) taught in our book. He clicked the place bid button at the perfect time and won this sterling silver bracelet, by fifty cents.

In total, it cost him $5.51 plus $3 shipping and handling, for a grand total of $8.51. This size bracelet costs between $50 – $100, if you buy it retail. Our reader didn’t pay anywhere near that retail ”OUCH” price. What a savings!

These are EXACTLY the types of stories I want to know about. It gives me joy knowing your life has been changed by reading my book. And you’re putting the information to good use for yourself. Keep the stories and photos coming…I just LOVE sharing in your success. And congrats to our reader, beautifully executed!

Men's Silver Bracelet bought for $8.51 on eBay.  From the Treasure Fever Blog.

Men's Silver Bracelet

Men's Silver Bracelet Story sent from one of our readers.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,

~Vicki Author of “Cheap Gold and Silver


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