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Press Release for Cheap Gold and Silver Book Makes a Great Gift for Mothers who Love Bargain Hunting


Cheap Gold and Silver Book Makes a Great Gift for Mothers who Love Bargain Hunting

A new book, entitled Cheap Gold and Silver, released by IFind Entertainment would make a unique Mother's Day gift for that bargain hunting, money saving mom in everyone's life. Thrifty moms love money saving ideas, and this book is filled with not only lessons on saving money, but also in buying gold, silver and other precious metal items, be it jewelry, items for the home or whatever her heart desires. Additionally, three indispensable tips are provided to be shared with mom during her special Mother's Day festivities.

Willow, AK (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

IFind Entertainment's new book, Cheap Gold and Silver, makes a unique Mother's Day gift for the bargain hunting mom. She probably has not heard about this new book just yet, so she'll be even more surprised when she receives it. "And what mom doesn't love bargains?" asks author Vicki Priebe. "Whether it is coupon clipping, retail store sales shopping, garage sale events, or swap meets; moms love to save money. Especially, while purchasing those little things hidden away from her reality. Hidden deep inside a place where no one else can go. A place called her dreams. The love of saving money must be embedded in their DNA," Priebe also states.

Here's how to quickly determine if that special mother is a bargain hunter. Does she constantly tell people how much she saved buying that one of a kind item that only a mother could love? Do her eyes sparkle and twinkle as she relates her latest treasure acquisition story? What about that ugly little statue she bought? The plastic one in the corner, that no one likes. Did she purchase it because she needed something in the corner and it was on sale? And does she tell everyone how much money was saved at the grocery store, thanks to her master coupon clipping skills? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then she's a bargain hunting mom and she'll enjoy reading this book. If the answer is yes to two or more of them, then she is a savvy, bargain hunting, super-shopper mom, and will love this book.

Help make the ultimate dream of obtaining fine jewelry at bargain basement prices (for herself and her family) a reality on this Mother's Day. It all starts with giving her the book, Cheap Gold and Silver, as a gift. Buying this book, instead of a flower bouquet or paying retail price for a piece of fine jewelry, will save the gift giver a lot of hard earned money. The book won't wilt after a few days either. The information contained inside will continue to give all year long. Year after year. Armed with knowledge, mom now has the ability and potential to purchase fine jewelry at bargain prices all throughout her lifetime. That’s right, a lifetime. Stop a moment and try to think of any mom who wouldn’t appreciate learning how to buy fine jewelry, made from gold and silver, at insanely cheap prices.

It is no secret, moms love spoiling people everyday of the year. Especially, if she is fortunate enough to be a grandmother. So, spoil her this Mother's Day with a paperback copy of Cheap Gold and Silver: How to find amazing deals on gold and silver. Not only will she love this book, her family and friends will love and benefit from this gift as well. They'll hear exciting stories about her adventures in the pursuit of real treasure, the fine jewelry variety. There won’t be the ugly dress, that didn’t fit, story this year. Plus, she may give that golden ring away as a present; after all, she really loves her family. Doesn't she?

Here are three tips that will impress her during those Mother's Day conversations. They're used where secondhand merchandise is sold, like garage sales, thrift stores, yard sales, rummage sales, and flea markets. Ensure the following tips are shared with that special mom and watch as her eyes light up with delight as the conversation heats up with visions of twinkling treasure.

1) Don't limit searches to toys and household goods. These items save money. However, don't overlook the gold and silver. This is where the real bargains hide. Whether saving money, or investing in the future, make sure these treasures aren’t overlooked. Yes, fine jewelry can be purchased at these secondhand sales for ridiculously low prices.

2) While searching through toy boxes or stuffed animal bins, keep both eyes open for jewelry. People throw their kid's jewelry in these boxes. Sometimes these pieces aren't costume jewelry at all. They are gold and silver jewelry being sold at very cheap prices. No, this is not unimaginable. It does happen, and often. Remember, real treasure can be found anywhere. The bottom of the ocean or the bottom of a toy box. It makes no difference, treasure is treasure and it stays out of the landfills.

3) Be sure to check out the free boxes. Most secondhand sales have at least one of these boxes. Stop, bend down, and closely inspect the contents, sometimes there are precious metal objects in there. What could be a better money saving tip than getting an item free, especially if it is made from a valuable precious metal?

The author has found many fine jewelry pieces using these tips. They really do work. She has watched as people look through bins and boxes, while waiting her turn to search through them herself, and then she finds the fine jewelry that's been left behind. And the author gets excited knowing that the treasure of a lifetime may be hiding, just waiting for that well informed and prepared mother to discover it.

In need of a last minute gift? Not to worry, Cheap Gold and Silver is also available as an eBook through Amazon. It can easily be purchased as a gift on an actual holiday, like Mother's Day itself, as well as other holidays.

Cheap Gold and Silver contains 200 pages of text and photos providing proof, entertainment, and illustrating the specific lessons being taught. Some of the topics covered include:

-ideas on where to search for precious metals, (offline and online) -tips on finding the gold and silver that uninformed people miss, -techniques in finding precious metals that most people wouldn't think of, -hallmarks and hidden marks to look for, -information on getting the best price for items, -the art of selling gold and silver without being ripped off, -warnings to help protect people and their money, -helpful procedures in testing for precious metal items.

Cheap Gold and Silver by Vicki Priebe Publication Date: January 7, 2012 Available in Paperback on Amazon, $14.99 Available in eBook format on Amazon, $9.99


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